Monday Morning Edition: Practical Propsals for Winning with Writer’s Block

Writer’s block, again? Gah! That’s the worst. You’re staring at your computer screen (or, if you’re old school, pad of paper) drumming your fingers and wondering why you’re stumped and if it’s too late in life to switch careers.

But there’s hope, people. I promise.

Today’s Practical Proposal for Winning with Writer’s Block is….

Do Something Creative

  1. Paint
  2. Draw
  3. Play an instrument,
  4. Do that craft from Pinterest you thought you could maybekindof do
  5. Scrap-booking
  6. Build a den or fort
  7. Go for a  hike
  8. Listen to music
  9. Watch a movie
  10. Make video
  11. Explore Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter
  12. Cook or bake, invent a recipe or try something from that one cookbook you have
  13. Play a prank (channel Jim from “The Office”¬†)
  14. Make a sculpture
  15. Do a self portrait
  16. Go driving and get yourself lost, then find your way back
  17. Try a new restaurant
  18. Learn a new skill (like rollerblading or paper mache)
  19. Create a new character and write a day in their life
  20. No matter what, be engaged, be excited, get those creative juices flowing!

Can’t decide what to do? Use this random number generator to pick for you!

Happy Writing! Tweet us @inkwellbookco and let us know what works for you!

-the Inkwell team