Monday Morning Edition: Practical Proposals for Winning with Writer’s Block

Today’s Practical Proposal is simply this: write for nine minutes.

Set a timer for nine minutes, hit start, and then write whatever comes into your head. When the timer dings, you stop writing. It’s that easy.

Need more? Try these:

You can develop a new character, or rework an old one.

You can write about what you did yesterday or a year a go.

You can write a letter to friend, family member, coworker, or character.

You can write “I do not know what to write” or “this really sucks” over and over — however, after about 3 minutes of that your creative juices will begin to flow, I promise.

You can find a picture from a magazine or book and make up a story about it.

Or you can try starting with open-ended statements like, “I wish I was…” or “It all began when…” or “December wasn’t usually this cold but…”

Happy Writing! Tweet us @inkwellbookco and let us know what works for you!

-the Inkwell team